Contact Details

To e-mail a contact click on the underlined name below. General enquiries should be addressed to the Secretary.

Tracy Langlois
Mal Hilton - Sebergham & Welton - 016974 76 955
Vice Chairman/Hon. Treasurer
Bob Clark - Mungrisdale - 017687 79 315
Technical Contacts
Paul Doherty - Caldbeck - 016974 78 420
Andrew Ward - Caldbeck - 016974 77 156
Group Members
John Havelock - Boltons - 016973 71 815
Nigel Walker - Castle Sowerby - 017687 79 404
Justin Shiels - Ireby & Uldale - 016973 71 309
Paul Crooks - Ireby & Uldale- 079018 52 950
Mike Bohling - Mungrisdale - 017687 79 602
Richard Jefferson - Sebergham & Welton - 016974 76 472
Michael Stockdale - Sebergham & Welton - 016974 76 035
John Stanyer - Rosley and Westward - 016974 78 188
Website Administration
Steve Woolley - Mungrisdale - 017687 79 678

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