Northern Fells Broadband - Endorsements

The following people have expressed their support for the introduction of Superfast Broadband throughout the Northern Fells Parishes.

Caldbeck Surgery

Caldbeck Surgery is pleased to support the Northern Fells Broadband Group in its work to bring superfast broadband to the Northern Fells communities.

A Steadman and Son (a division of SIG Trading Ltd)

Garry Robertson IT manager at Steadmans says "We fully endorse and support the work being done by Northern Fells Broadband in light of the poor availability of high speed broadband in these rural areas. For local businesses like ourselves and others which are based in these locations, it is more imperative that this kind of technology is made available so that businesses can promote themselves better online and provide a more efficient service to their customers and also staff via the internet."

Doug Scott CBE

I am so relieved that Super Fast Broadband may be introduced across the Northern Fell area. As with everyone, we at Community Action Nepal have come to rely on rapid global communication. It would really make our lives a lot easier if we could quickly and reliably receive and send large image files of our project work in Nepal to potential donors and other interested parties.

Sir Christian Bonington CVO CBE DL

As someone who organises his mountaineering expeditions, fulfills his duties as Chancellor of Lancaster University, runs a very successful photo library, is actively involved with a large number of charities, has an e commerce business and is non executive chairman of Berghaus Ltd, High Speed Broadband is essential.

But I know that I am just one of many entrepreneurs, writers, artists, photographers and small businesses around the Northern Fells. As well as contributing to the local economy, they also contribute nationally in terms of income and raising the profile of the United Kingdom in many different ways.

This is why it is so important that the Northern Fells get High Speed Broadband.

Rory Stewart MP for Penrith and The Border

Northern Fells Broadband Group is mobilising an excellent campaign to get better broadband for the seven parishes of the Northern Fells area, spanning both Eden and Allerdale councils, and the constituencies of Penrith and the Border and Workington. It is another impressive, home-grown, truly Cumbrian effort that has at its core the energy and expertise of a group of hard-working local volunteers, all united in their desire to see the Northern Fells get connected. The level of organisation of their campaign is exemplary, and I look forward to continuing to support their campaign.

Rory Stewart MP for Penrith and The Border

Tony Cunningham MP for Workington

I am delighted to support the Northern Fells Broadband Groupís campaign to get better broadband for the seven parishes of the Northern Fells. Faster broadband will make life easier and better for everyone living, working and also visiting the area. The volunteer Group are doing amazing work and have my full admiration and support.

Allan Stobart Lubricants and Fuels

We support Northern Fells Broadband in its aim to access super fast broadband for the community. This service will greatly help small and medium size businesses in Cumbria.

Malcolm Threlkeld, Chairman of the Northern Fells Group

(not to be confused with Northern Fells Broadband) - confirms their support for the introduction of Super Fast Broadbald throughout the Northern Fells.

Mike Chapman Headmaster Keswick School

As Headmaster of a Leading Edge secondary school, we have invested with our partner primaries in a high speed network that facilitates many aspects of learning. It has encouraged the students in the northern fells to have high expectations of broadband speed to access the range of internet resoures that complement their school experience. Their confidence in the electronic age extends to leisure and hobby use. I can therefore feel confident that the introduction of super fast speed broadband would be advantageous to the students in the area and of course the wider community. I am therefore happy to endorse any effort that can assist in this.

Fellside Community Primary School, Caldbeck

We support the work of Northern Fells Broadband in its work to deliver super fast broadband to our children. It is important that our children are not left behind and this service is extremely important in school and also in the wider community.

Hesket Newmarket Brewery Cooperative

We support Northern Fells Broadband in its efforts to bring next generation broadband to the community.

Andrew Teasdale, licensee of the Mill Inn at Mungrisdale

The Mill Inn supports the introduction of super fast broadband throughout the Northern Fells.

J Stobart & Sons Ltd

We would like to thank Northern Fells Broadband for the work it is doing to highlight the need for high speed broadband in our community.