Northern Fells Broadband - Maps - Fibre to the Cabinet Range and Reach

This page illustrates the low level of availability of Super Fast Broadband, assuming fibre is made available from the the envisaged locations of BT cabinets within the Northern Fells area.

The table below shows figures calculated to see how many in the area might benefit from a ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ (FttC) system  (e.g. BT Infinity).

1,400m is a standard distance used to give an adequate compromise between signal loss over distance to final broadband speed. Estimates for 1,000m are also provided for reference.

As the notes explain below, these are best estimate calculations and don’t (or can't) take into account actual lengths of copper and aluminium wires. Also some of the addresses included may be connected directly to an Exchange rather than a street Cabinet - BT Infinity at present can only be provided to those connected to a Cabinet.

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Addresses in the area and those within FttC range highlighted

Larger version of FttC reach map

Table of numbers - see notes below

Total addresses in the Northern Fells Broadband area:


Numbers in brackets include Cabinets just outside NFB area but reach addresses within


Addresses within 1,400m of Cabinet:

284 (320)

Percentage of total addresses:

16.66% (18.77%)



Addresses within 1,000m of Cabinet:

113 (141)

Percentage of total addresses:

6.63% (8.27%)